Business Accounting

We offer comprehensive accounting services and targeted financial advice with the goal of helping our small business clients succeed.

You can count on us for traditional accounting services including bookkeeping, financial statements, and budgeting, while you concentrate on your core mandate of running your business and generating profits,

We can maintain, or supervise the maintenance of your company statutory “books,” which consist of those records designed to capture all relevant transactions from source or authorised adjustment, and include, basically, the:

• Cash/bank books;
• Sales and purchases books;
• Subsidiary books; and
• General ledger, the core of your company’s financial records, and through which every transaction flows. They can be kept manually, electronically using customized or general purpose systems, fully or only in part.

We review your general ledger system, with periodic (monthly or quarterly) reports as follows.

• General Ledger Trial Balance;
• Bank Reconciliation Statement;
• Income/ Profit or Loss statement ;
• Statement of Financial Position;

Additionally, we identify solutions for preserving resources, reducing your tax burden, and streamlining your accounting procedures.

We look beyond the numbers to get to know you and learn all we can about the daily operations of your business. The insight we gain will allow us to develop a full package of accounting and bookkeeping services based on your particular needs and objectives.

Full-Service Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We invite you to take advantage of our free initial consultation to discuss the accounting and bookkeeping needs of your business. Please call 23418033431042 now to schedule an appointment.

• On-site/In-house Accounting Consulting Services
• Accounting for small to medium-sized businesses
• Financial statements
• Budgets and financial forecasting
• Cash flow management
• New business advisory
• Payroll processing
• Business consulting
• Tax planning and preparation
• Outsourced Finance Officer
• Retirement planning for you and your employees
• IRS representation
• Business loan assistance
• Business valuations
• Estate and trust planning
• Succession planning

Outsourced Finance Officer Service

Timely financial information and sound advice, critical for controlling expenses and making smart business decisions are in the purview of a Finance Officer, the luxury of which may be unaffordable by some companies.

Why not avail yourself of the flexibility of our outsourced Finance Officer services on a need basis and get the support you need but with reduced salary expense.

The services include:

a) financial data management plan more efficient control over your money;
b) accounting solutions to give you a better understanding of the financial side of your business so you can monitor expenses and stabilize cash flow;
c) cost-cutting controls for to improved profitability;
d) Tax planning strategy to minimize liability.

We will be available to give assistance and direction, for your business to stay on track financially and maintain the resources needed for growth and expansion.

Finance Officer Services

• Financial analysis and reporting.
• Operations review
• Cash flow planning and analysis.
• Strategic planning
• Financial forecasting
• In-house training for accountants and bookkeepers.
• Comprehensive tax planning.
• Profit analysis and improvement.
• Bank reconciliations.
• Accounts payable and accounts receivable.
• Payroll.
• Accounting software training and support.
• Liaison with regulators, outside specialists, lawyers, bankers and other consultants.

Project-Based Services

• Mergers and acquisitions.
• Raising capital.
• Due diligence.
• Risk management.
• Pricing, margins and cost analysis
• Exit strategies.
• Regulatory compliance.
• Employee compensation and incentive plan.
• Retirement planning.
• Raising capital.

We also can give financial and other administrative assistance to Elderlies.

Call us today at: 23418033431042 and find out how your business will benefit from our outsourced Finance Officer services.

Business Advisory Services

Planning plays a vital role in the survival of a small business.

We offer the experience, direction and advice you need, through our short-term solutions and long-term tax planning strategies to help your new business weather the start-up blues, avoid rookie mistakes and make the right decisions to pave the way for success.

We will:

a) Teach you how to create a powerful business plan that clearly outlines your objectives and demonstrates growth potential, keeps you focused and helps you secure the financing required to get your business off the ground.
b) We will explain the pros and cons of different business structures and guide you toward the one that will keep your tax burden at a minimum.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a sound business concept, call 23418033431042 today.

We offer free initial consultation to explain how we can assist you in fulfilling your dream of being your own boss.

Non-Profit Organisations (including Churches)

We can help you with a dedicated bookkeeper who knows you, your mission and your vision so that you can have more time to focus on your core objectives. Thus, we ensure that your accounting reflects your vision, as well as your mission, helping you achieve your financial goals.

Here’s what we can do for you:

• Prepare your initial start-up documentation, including incorporation;
• Payroll: setup with state agencies,
• preparation, and tax remittances;
• Design, install, and maintain your accounting system;
• Review and compile your financial statements;
• Provide training for your accounting personnel;
• Provide training for your board on non-profit financial statement usage and effective budgeting practices;
• Set up and maintain your organisation’s statutory reporting, including Annual Returns to CAC.

For more details, please contact us.

Registration Of Business In Nigeria

We guide you into understanding the different structures of business and also to understand the characteristics and implications of each category – tax, capital, management, statutory, etc., and advise you on the most suitable one for you, depending on the purpose of the business.

1. Sole Proprietorship

A business that is owned and controlled by a single individual who alone enjoys and suffers all the profits and loss of the business and bears personal liability for the business debts.

Suitable for micro, small and professional businesses (law, medicine, consultancy, accountancy, photography, etc) owned by one person.

2. Partnership

A relationship between two or more (not more than 20) individuals and/or companies who carry on a lawful business in common with the aim of making profit, and enjoy the advantages that come with pulling resources together.

2.1 General/Ordinary Partnership
Suitable for micro, small and medium-sized businesses and professional and business colleagues, friends and family.

2.2 Limited Partnership (LP)
The liability of some of its members for partnership debts and obligations is limited. Suitable for:
a) sole proprietors and general partners seeking to raise additional capital without the liabilities and interest rates of a business loan;
b) Investors seeking to invest in profitable and growing businesses without expending time on the managerial aspects of the business.

2.3 Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
A partnership in which all of the partners have some measure of limited liability, can take part in the management of the partnership and are only personally liable for acts of the partnership under certain circumstances,

Suitable for:
a) Professional firms which are prohibited by law from operating as companies;
b) Small and medium scale businesses where the owners would like to limit their liabilities without going through the process of incorporation.

3. Company limited by shares
A legal entity separate from its members or owners and with the liability of its owners for its debts and obligations restricted only to the unpaid amount of subscribed share capital;

  • Minimum of 25% of authorized share capital must be subscribed to by its founding members.

3.1 Private Company (Ltd).
Is stated in its memorandum of association to be a private company;

  • Minimum authorized share capital of N10, 000.
  • Total number of members not exceeding 50 persons;
  • Ideal for businesses comprised of only family members, close friends or business associates and for foreign companies and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs).

3.2 Public Company (PLC)

  • Other than a private company and whose memorandum of association states that it is a public company;
  • No stipulated maximum number of members;
  • No restriction on transfer of its shares and can offer its shares and debentures to the general public;
  • Minimum authorized share capital of N500, 000.

1. In certain circumstances. A combination of structures may be appropriate, e.g. a limited liability company may register a business name for the operation of, say, a school or other enterprise.
2. Except in select instances, foreign companies can only do business in Nigeria as a registered company.

Please feel free to consult us to discuss the needs of your business. Call
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