Companies are required by law to have their accounts audited every year. Audits provide valuable, reliable information to business owners, and can be the starting point for an ongoing, constructive and value-adding conversation about the future of your business.

A full audit service involves a detailed examination of your key records and controls, and working hard to understand the drivers and risks of your business and your market. This understanding is a key part of our philosophy of building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with our clients.

Our independent assurance and insight go beyond the audit opinion to offer you a greater understanding of, and valuable insight into your company, including:

  • Its operations and finances
  • Financial and management systems
  • Internal control
  • Any problem areas

In addition to giving you peace of mind that your accounts are fully compliant with statutory requirements, we can use the process to help identify strengths and weaknesses in your business finances, and suggest ways of improving them.

Our core range of Audit and Assurance services include:

  • Attestation and Assurance
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Statutory audits.
  • Internal audits and Risk Assurance
  • Compilations
  • IFRS and International GAAP
  • Nigeria GAAP and Narrative Reporting
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Due diligence
  • Minimising fraud exposure
  • Specialist audits.
  • Other Assurance services

Our Audit and Assurance service is robust and transparent. Our goal is to deliver exceptional client service. We tailor our service to each client and their specific needs and requirements.

We also have sector specific expert teams which focus on the issues facing particular industries or sectors.

Our client-focused approach to your audit can transform what many companies often think of as avoidable overhead into a valuable annual health check and an integral part of our relationship with your business.


Risk Assurance Reviews

We can carry out assurance review on the accounts of a company that does not require an audit  Some of the main benefits of an assurance review are:

  • Increased credibility of your accounts;
  • reduced risk of fraud;
  • provision of comfort for investors;
  • lower cost than an audit.

For more information on our auditing services for your business, please contact us.